Residential Excavation & Removal London

Residential Excavation & Removal London

Residential Excavation London

Japanese Knotweed Ltd (JKL) was contacted by a property owner in London who had Japanese knotweed within the rear garden.

We initially went to site to complete a specialist Japanese knotweed survey which allowed us to survey the area, determine the dimensions of the contamination, the RICS category, take several photographs and determine our recommendations for action.

Our recommendations provided 2 options:

*We are able to offer our guarantees with insurance via GPI Ltd (Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd). This provides our clients with the added assurance that if we were to cease to trade their programme will continue to run with another PCA registered company.

The client chose to pursue excavation of the knotweed as plans were in place to extend the property. The excavation allowed us to enter into site and hand dig the knotweed contaminated soils up and out of the site and have such waste taken to a landfill licensed to accept Japanese knotweed. We were then able to insert horizontal and vertical copper lined root barrier which minimises the risk of knotweed growing through from neighbouring properties back into the property.

The entire works were scheduled to take 5 working days but we were able to complete the works ahead of schedule taking 3 working days in total. This has now allowed the client a knotweed free garden in which an extension can be built adding value to the property. The client also purchased an insurance backed guarantee of 5 years in duration which he is able to pass onto the new property owner once sold.


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