Residential Hampshire Excavation

Residential Hampshire Excavation

Knotweed excavation in Hampshire

Whilst undertaking woodland clearance works to the rear of the site, Tree Surgeons discovered the presence of Japanese knotweed. Site works were halted by the developer and JKL called in to fence off the area and assess remediation strategies.

The client needed an immediate solution and quick turnaround in order to enable them to continue with their project.

JKL surveyed the property and prepared a Remediation Report, which identified the presence, location and extent of the Japanese knotweed. We then considered the Client’s development proposals and objectives and it was clear that full excavation of the knotweed and off-site disposal was required.

To enable the tree felling works to continue (allowing for the knotweed to be excavated) JKL covered the knotweed contaminated ground and provided watching brief to the tree surgeons. This ensured these works were completed without disturbance and translocation of any knotweed material.

Site topography and layout required the knotweed to be double handled once excavated, before it could be loaded to cart-away lorries. Working routes and a temporary stockpile location were set out and circa 200 tonnes of knotweed contaminated spoil removed from the site. JKL provided licensed cart-away of the controlled waste and disposal at a specially licensed landfill site in accordance to the Environmental Protect Act 1990.

The original excavation, dumper routes, slew paths, stockpile location and haulage loading area were decontaminated on completion. This was in addition to the standard decontamination of all plant, machinery, equipment and PPE.

The developer was afforded a 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee on completion.

Full knotweed excavation and off-site disposal (Dig and Dump) is an effective, quick and no hassle knotweed removal process. It enables developers to continue with their project without having to worry about the presence and risk of Japanese knotweed.


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