Commercial knotweed treatment

Commercial Knotweed Removal

Our Commercial Knotweed Services

Japanese Knotweed Ltd provide a professional service with a no nonsense practical approach to the treatment of Japanese knotweed. Upon enquiry you will receive a site investigation and be issued with a Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) including a survey report, remedial methods evaluation and works quotations.

How the knotweed is treated depends on the site and any plans that may require the disturbance of knotweed contaminated ground. Our remedial decision process will establish if knotweed can be controlled in situ with herbicide, or whether it requires removal via excavation.

All our works are recorded within a KMP for your site and covered by a guarantee. Where necessary the guarantee can be insured (an Insurance Backed Guarantee) via our membership of the Property Care Association.

To talk to us about your knotweed problem, use the form on this page or talk to our team on 0333 2414 413.

Why is Knotweed a problem?

Our Clients

Japanese Knotweed Ltd has a large client base with excellent customer feedback and a growing number of repeat customers. We work with construction companies, developers and public bodies on construction sites where our experienced operational teams provide cost effective and efficient remedial solutions.

Away from constructions sites, knotweed is often chemically treated and we work extensively with Councils, Housing Associations and commercial property owners and are currently running over 3000 herbicide contracts. You can view some of our Case Studies here.

Our top clients include

Travis Perkins
Linden Homes
Bargate Homes
Taylor Wimpy
East Lindsey District Council

Remedial decision process

Follow simple decision flow-chart for whether knotweed should be excavated or treated in-situ.


Is the area proposed for disturbance (i.e. development)?

  • Yes 3
  • No 2

An in-situ herbicide treatment programme may be suitable.

Click here for details of our Herbicide programme.


Is it desirable/possible to bury knotweed?

  • Yes 4
  • No 5

Does the ground make-up/state allow for deep burial?

  • Yes 8
  • No 5

Is there space to relocate on-site for herbicide treatment?

  • Yes 6
  • No 7

Undertake the excavation and on-site relocation of the knotweed.

Click here to find out about our Dig & Reolcate service.


Undertake the offsite disposal of knotweed at a licensed landfill site.

Click here to find out more about our Dig & Dump service.


Undertake cell-burial or 5m deep burial of knotweed.

Click here to find out more about our Dig & Cell Burial service.


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