The Japanese Knotweed Removal Bag

The Japanese Knotweed Removal Bag

This unique product is for people who would like to clear, eradicate and excavate Japanese knotweed themselves, and remove/dispose of the “controlled waste” responsibly*.

How does it work?

  • Order your Japanese Knotweed Removal Bag
  • We send you the Japanese Knotweed Removal Bag
  • You clear the knotweed and fill the bags
  • Book your collection online
  • We collect your Japanese Knotweed Removal Bag and dispose of the controlled waste

*The Environmental Protection Act 1990 states that Japanese knotweed is classed as “controlled waste” and as such, must be removed by licenced organisations and disposed of safely at a licensed landfill site that can accept knotweed according to the Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991.

Dispose knotweed waste in accordance to the law

As Japanese knotweed is an aggressive and invasive species of plant, it is important to dispose of the knotweed waste correctly and in accordance to the law. If you fail to do so, you can be fined or imprisoned for up to 2 years.

All knotweed waste is classified as “controlled waste”

Treating Japanese knotweed with chemicals is unlikely to eradicate it as it has deep roots and rhizomes which can remain viable in the soil for a long time. It can remain dormant, but will eventually re-grow and for this reason, the Environmental Agency (EA) state that any ground or soil containing knotweed stems, roots and rhizomes (dead or alive) should be classified as controlled waste if removed from the site.

Transfer knotweed waste to a licenced facility for disposal

Knotweed waste must be handled in accordance to the code of practice for the management of Japanese knotweed published by the EA. This means removal of knotweed stems and knotweed contaminated soil from your residential or commercial property is difficult, due to legal restrictions.  You must dispose of Japanese knotweed waste off-site by transferring it to a facility that is licenced for the disposal of invasive weeds.

Japanese knotweed advice

  • Do not build on knotweed. If you are adding an extension to your main building, excavate the area and remove the waste correctly.
  • Knotweed roots can exploit existing cracks and gaps in drains and other buried services in their search for water. In some cases, drains become blocked and in worst cases, the drains need to be renewed.  Again, remove the contaminated soil and dispose of correctly.
  • Japanese knotweed can grow between patio paving slabs, expansion joints of concrete drives and disrupt brick paving. Do not undertake hard landscaping without removing the contaminated soil.
  • Closely packed Japanese knotweed stems can undermine garden walls with shallow foundations to such an extent that the stems can push the retaining wall over. Do not build your walls on knotweed without eradicating and disposing of it correctly.
  • Vigorous Japanese knotweed stems can even affect outbuildings, which result in lightweight, insubstantial and poorly founded outbuildings (garden sheds, green houses and even poorly-built garages) being overwhelmed.
  • Greater importance is usually attributed to conservatories by owners, valuers and surveyors, although the effects will be similar to those described for outbuildings.
  • Even well-loved gardens can be ruined by Japanese knotweed due to the invasive nature of the plant.

Wherever you might have found Japanese knotweed growing, the solution is to excavate and dispose of the waste correctly.

The Knotweed Removal Bag provides a simple and easy solution

The bag is 90 x 90cm square and once filled the height is about 90cm and holds approximately 0.7m3 of waste. We have three different bags for you to choose from:

  • Knotweed contaminated soil waste bag
  • Knotweed stems (green or brown stems) bag
  • Mixed waste bag of contaminated soil and knotweed stems

Price Matrix

  Single Bag 2 to 5 6 to 10 11+
Stems Only £215.00 £190.00 £165.00 Please Call
Soil Only £175.00 £150.00 £125.00 Please Call
Mixed £325.00 £300.00 £275.00 Please Call

NB: The knotweed contaminated soil bag will be heavy when full and you will not be able to move it. Ensure you fill it in a location close to the road ready for collection.

Order your Knotweed Removal Bag today

Place your order today using the order form, below. If you choose to pay via PayPal you will be forwarded to the PayPal website to complete your order. If you choose to pay by telephone you will need to complete the form and then call us on 0800 2300 165 to pay and complete the order.


  • You do not need to be in when we collect
  • Collections are usually monthly but may be longer
  • Place the filled bag close to the road (so a grab lorry can lift it).  If a dustbin lorry can't fit down your road, our grab lorry won't be able to either!
  • Lastly, you will not be able to move the soil bag when it's full

Ordering is simple

  1. Place your order below
  2. Order acknowledgement is sent by email with your order number, login details and receipted invoice.
  3. Receive your bag(s) and collection note(s)
  4. Fill your bags
  5. Login on our website to inform us your bag(s) are ready for collection
  6. We will email you within one week and confirm the collection date

Technical Information

Knotweed BagThe bags are 90 x 90 x 90cm and form a cube type shape when full.

Bag spec:

  • 90x90x90cm
  • Black FIBC
  • 4x25cm lifting loops
  • Top skirt
  • Plain base
  • A4 document pocket
  • SWL:1000kg
  • SF:5:1

A bag will hold about 0.7m3 (slightly less than 1 tonne in weight)

For reference:

  • 1m3 of consolidated soil = approx. 1.7 tonnes
  • 1m3 of loose (unconsolidated) soil = approx. 1.2 tonnes

Do not mound the subsoil as you must be able to place the cover skirt over the soil.


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If this is for a commercial site, we reserve the right to obtain a soil sample and charge for a soil test