River Thames Knotweed Problem

River Thames Knotweed Problem

Japanese knotweed River Thames

Japanese Knotweed Ltd recently received instructions from a client to visit a site beside the River Thames. Our surveyor arrived at the site and found Japanese Knotweed growing along the top of a retaining wall, which was supporting the property along the bank of the river. The knotweed was also growing from lower down the wall, between the gaps in the masonry and the only access to the lower knotweed was from the river.

The customer’s plans included demolishing the wall, and building a new supporting structure, as part of their new development at the top of the bank. They planned to do this using machinery placed in a barge on the river. Japanese Knotweed Ltd worked with the client to devise a Knotweed Management plan and method of works to ensure that the knotweed contaminated spoil could be taken from the sides of the wall via barge boat to a location where it could be collected by lorry for disposal to an approved landfill site

Japanese Knotweed Ltd have the experience to cope with more complex knotweed remediation situations like this, and we have the operational staff and ability to cope with extra challenges encountered on the many and varied sites that we come across.

Japanese Knotweed Ltd operates nationwide, and are ready to receive your enquiries and undertake site inspections, and provide quotations on request. Call 0333 2414 413 or email info@knotweed.co.uk for more information.


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