Why have a Knotweed Survey?

Why have a Knotweed Survey?

Why have a Knotweed Survey?

Last week we posted news that Network Rail lost a legal case brought against them as a result of allowing Japanese knotweed to spread from their land onto the claimants neighbouring private property.

If you believe that you have Japanese knotweed on your property, or close to your property, and would like to understand the risks you will probably need a specialist knotweed survey.

Why have a Knotweed Survey?

A knotweed survey is required to establish the presence of the plant and establish the following:

Once the survey has been undertaken we can provide advice and costs with regards to the following:

Armed with this information, you will be able to make a decision on what course of action you would like to take, and what is most practical for your situation.

If knotweed is encroaching onto or from your property then we can help you find legal representation.

Book your FREE Knotweed Survey Today

The sooner knotweed is identified the easier it will be to control it.  Japanese Knotweed Ltd is a PCA affiliated company providing a national knotweed survey and remediation service. We have a fast response time and our knotweed surveys are free.

Find out more about our Knotweed Survey here, or book your survey today by contacting our team on 0333 2414 413 or email us on info@knotweed.co.uk


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