Useful Information on Japanese knotweed

Useful Japanese Knotweed Information

Here you can find out more information on Japanese knotweed, including legal issues, from various sources. Click on the links in the titles to be taken to the relevant page.

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Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 is the primary legislation which protects animals, plants, and certain habitats in the UK. It's worth noting, however, that since the passing of this Act in 1981, there have been various amendments to the text of the Act and the species listed in the schedules. Find out more here.

Environmental Protection Act 1990

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that as of 2008 defines, within England and Wales and Scotland, the fundamental structure and authority for waste management and control of emissions into the environment. This Act governs the disposal of controlled waste, such as Japanese knotweed . Find out more here.

Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991

This Act exists to ensure responsibility is taken by the producers of waste (such as Japanese knotweed) for managing their waste and avoiding harm to human health or environment.

The Act aims to reduce or eradicate harmful acts of waste crime, such as fly tipping. The Duty of Care incorporates a responsibility on anyone who produces, imports, carries, keeps, treats or disposes of controlled waste to ensure it is only ever transferred to someone who is authorised to receive it. Find out more here.

Defra - Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Defra is the UK government department responsible for safeguarding our natural environment, supporting our world-leading food and farming industry and sustaining a thriving rural economy.  Together, with other government bodies, they provide information on Japanese knotweed. Find out more here.

Japanese Knotweed Alliance

The Japanese Knotweed Alliance is a consortium of partners that funds and oversees a scientific research programme, carried out by CABI, which examines the potential for biological or natural control of Japanese knotweed in Great Britain. Find out more here.

The Japanese Knotweed Manual (Packard Publishing)

A book written by Lois Elizabeth Child and Paul Maxwell Wade. Find out more here.

Ragwort Control Act 2003

The Ragwort Control Act 2003 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It provides for the publication of a Code of Practice on Ragwort Control, as common ragwort is considered a harmful weed that can endanger animals which browse it. Find out more here.

Prevent Harmful Weeds and Invasive Non-Native Plants Spreading

This is a Guide from the UK Government on how to identify, control and dispose of plants that can harm livestock and the environment. Find out more here.

Royal Horticultural Society - Japanese Knotweed

The Royal Horticultural Society's Japanese knotweed information page. It details its appearance, the problems associated with Japanese knotweed, methods of control and other related species. Find out more here.

Japanese Knotweed Recipes

Japanese knotweed is a "thug" according to the Royal Horticultural Society due to how invasive it is. However, it's edible! The link above takes you through to a particular blog with knotweed recipes.  However, if you feel adventurous, see what recipes online searches can provide you with. If you do decide to cook with Japanese knotweed, please remember how invasive the weed is. See our FAQs page for more information on what not to do. Find out more here.


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