Back Garden Japanese Knotweed Removal

Back Garden Japanese Knotweed Removal

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Japanese knotweed residential excavation

A homeowner trying to sell their home was alerted to the presence of knotweed by a buyer’s survey. Japanese Knotweed Ltd swiftly surveyed to establish the RICS property risk rating (category 3 in this instance) and recommend a solution to enable the sale of the property.

The preference was for removal of the Japanese knotweed, rather than herbicide treatment. We describe the problem below and how the knotweed was excavated, resulting in the successful sale of the property.

The Problem

Japanese knotweed close to a homeOur client had a mid-terraced house with an enclosed steep tiered rear back garden rising in level to back fence line. A visible 22m2 area of knotweed was growing with the boundaries of the garden, with further knotweed growth present in the neighbouring property and land to the rear.

Japanese knotweed easily spreads if disturbed and is classed as controlled waste is removed from site. The presence of knotweed and its rhizome was devaluing the property and creating a lending risk.

Knotweed rhizomes in the soils imposed a financial and amenity burden on the property owner and interfered with the land’s amenity value (not merely due to the risk of physical damage but more importantly the difficulty in using, landscaping and developing the property in the future).

The Solution

The preferred option was to eradicate the knotweed by way of excavating and removing the plant from the property. This method is used when an in-situ herbicide management plan to control knotweed is not desirable.

The owner had a good rapport with the neighbouring rear landowner allowing us to gained access to the garden from the rear. Removing the back garden fence meant we could use a small excavator rather than the more expensive alternative of hand-digging the knotweed.

The Works

Back garden Japanese knotweed removalAll practicalities of carrying out the work were discussed with the client prior to final agreement to proceed. The Excavation Management team debriefed and provided method diagrams, method statement and risk assessments to the operational team prior to the works. Ensuring the right job specific knowledge, tools, machinery, equipment and root barrier were all taken to site.

No underground services were reported in the dig area or found by Cable Avoidance Tools used by our trained staff.

The Japanese knotweed was methodically and accurately excavated to remove the rhizome with root barriers installed to cap knotweed contaminated ground where it was impractical to dig too deep.

The solution also included removing some of the garden banking and installing new fencing with retaining concrete gravel boards. A vertical root barrier was installed to the garden boundaries where knotweed was present in neighbouring properties (to be treated with herbicide).

The excavated area was backfilled with BS Certified topsoil. Japanese Knotweed Ltd re-instates gardens (turf, planting etc.) but in this instance, the client was left with graded level topsoil ready for others to landscape.

The remediation was completed on time, on budget and the property left in a clean and tidy state.

The Conclusion

The customer was very happy, and they were able to secure the sale of the property as a result. They gave us this review on completion of the works:

Japanese Knotweed Ltd Customer Review

About Japanese Knotweed Ltd

Japanese Knotweed Ltd is the UK's trusted Japanese knotweed treatment and remediation company with a proven track record in working successfully for local authorities, developers, construction companies and private landowners.

Our highly knowledgeable and skilled staff provide a comprehensive service and are committed to providing the highest level of customer care.

We provide Surveys and Knotweed Management Plans, including long term chemical treatment, guarantees and immediate excavation options. Our remedial methods are tailored to each site and provide sensible and efficient eradication solutions to meet all requirements.

If you suspect you have a Japanese knotweed problem, call us on 0333 2414 413 or email us at The sooner it’s treated, the easier it is to control and eradicate.


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