Dig and Sift of Knotweed in Rotherham

Dig and Sift of Knotweed in Rotherham

Dig and Sift of knotweed in Rotherham

A Knotweed Management Plan was agreed and implemented with the knotweed being remediated by way of an excavation and sifting methodology. This is a highly specialised method which involves the soils containing the plant being sifted. Large knotweed material can be separated out and removed from site to landfill if desired as controlled waste. The plant material passing through the mechanical processer is fragmented and crushed, which results in those fragments having a vastly reduced regenerative power. This screened spoil can therefore be safely buried on site, ensuring correct compaction of the buried material and the use of ground layer separation membranes.

Where knotweed rhizome was present on or beyond the site boundary vertical root barrier was installed to prevent knotweed rhizome (root) encroachment back into site. On completion of the works the Employer and the site were provided with the benefit of a 12 year Guarantee and Collateral Warranty agreement.

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