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Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal

As a safety-first company, Japanese Knotweed Ltd is fully compliant with the relevant Health and Safety regulations, ensuring our staff are fully trained and our processes comply with H&S standards and legislation.

  • The company holds two H&S meetings a year
  • H&S is discussed at all management meetings
  • Our H&S Committee meets regularly throughout the year
  • With have an annual review with our H&S providers
  • Onsite inspections are carried out regularly.

Keeping Construction Moving

Our excavation techniques are cost effective and solve every site’s requirements, and where desirable allow material to remain on site and to be re-used. Our methods of control are low risk, efficient and designed to keep your projects flowing.

Protecting Your Investment

To ignore invasive weeds on land that you’ve invested in for development, or to treat them incorrectly, can prove costly in the long term. This is why we work with you to devise the most appropriate remediation solution based on the proposals for the site. Our methods are fully compliant with legislation and codes of practice and ensure that your land can be remediated for its designated purpose.

Rejuvenating Brownfield Sites

Whether you are at the pre-purchase stage, or have already invested in a brownfield site we can ascertain via survey whether it is contaminated with knotweed or other invasive weeds. Other contamination is often a concern for remediation of these sites. If asbestos contaminated ground or other soil contaminants are encountered we can excavate and removed these 0contaminated or even hazardous wastes as well.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Japanese Knotweed Treatment Options

Japanese Knotweed Ltd provide a suite of treatment solutions backed by guarantee to fit most given situations. Our sales team will organise a survey of your site/property and identify what you are looking to achieve from the treatment of the knotweed. Excavations provides instant eradication to enable change of land use plans and herbicide is a very effective control strategy as part of the land/facilitates management.

Commercial Knotweed Excavation

This method provides an instant and total eradication solution, backed by a guarantee.

An ideal solution to remove knotweed and enabling change of land use plans. Avoiding costly delays to building projects for construction companies and housing developers.

Commercial Knotweed Herbicide Treatment

This method provides cost efficient and effective control of Japanese knotweed. Ideal for:

  • Local authority properties
  • Housing association properties
  • Commercially managed/Owned properties
  • Facilities management
  • Parks and open spaces

You will receive a detailed survey in a Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) which includes; knotweed distribution map, programme of herbicide treatments, records of work, post-treatment monitoring, guarantee and option of insurance backed guarantee.


Our top clients include

Travis Perkins
Linden Homes
Bargate Homes
Taylor Wimpy
East Lindsey District Council

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