Exploratory knotweed Dig

Japanese Knotweed Exploratory Dig

Why would you need an Exploratory Dig?

If you are planning on building an extension, patio, driveway or simply looking to re-landscape and need to excavate before proceeding, an exploratory dig identifies the presence of underground Japanese knotweed roots and rhizomes and how close to the proposed works they have spread.  The benefit is that the true extent of any Japanese knotweed infestation is discovered, the exact location to which it has spread and how much excavation needs to take place. The exploratory dig will enable us to quote you accurately for a knotweed excavation. Please note that the investigation will only be in the vicinity of the identified knotweed area and will not cover the entire garden.

Cost in the region of £250.00 plus vat

Below we show you an example of the type of report you would receive should you direct us to carry out an exploratory dig on your property.


  • Identify accurate areas for excavation
  • Identify presence of underground knotweed roots & rhizomes
  • Full extent of knotweed growth established
  • Identify exact location of knotweed roots
  • Only £250 (approx) plus VAT

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Proposed Exploratory Excavation Areas

Site Plan

Please note:

Description of Propsed Works

The proposed area for the trial digs is shown in the photos below:

Exploratory dig proposed dig areaExploratory dig - proposed dig area in gardenArea with proposed dig area at the base of the brick wall

Images: Area with proposed dig area along paved area, pathway and at the base of the brick wall

The access is down the side of the building (down two sets of steps in the front garden) and through the site gate. The work is in the rear garden and involves:-

Exploratory Dig Findings and Recommendations

Photographs taken during the dig are used in the subsequent report, with a complete explanation on what was found. Examples are given below.

Figure 1: Hole 3 (knotweed rhizomes)Figure 2: Hole 3Figure 3: Hole 3 (knotweed rhizome)

Images above show "hole 3" with evidence of knotweed rhizomes and roots

 Figure 8: Measuring of siteFigure 9: Measuring of siteFigure 10: Setting up

Images above show measuring of the site and setting up

Figure 12: Trial hole – no knotweed Figure 11: Trial hole – no knotweed Figure 13: Trial hole arising’s – no knotweed

Images above show the trial hole with no knotweed and the arisings, again showing no knotweed

Figure 14: Overall of worksFigure 6: Overall of site left clean and tidyFigure 7: Overall of site left clean and tidy

Images above show (from left to right) the sum of all the arisings and the garden after the dig, left clean and tidy

You will additionally receive a report per hole that was dug. See below.

Our FindingsOur Findings


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