How to Get Rid of Japanese Knotweed

How to Get Rid of Japanese Knotweed

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Japanese knotweed is one of the UK’s most problematic invasive weeds. It’s classed as an invasive species by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is an offence to plant it in the wild or to allow it to spread into the wild. The disappointing fact is there is no way to kill Japanese knotweed.

Can you get rid of Japanese knotweed?

The internet provides many solutions to this question and the answers are often misinformed.

There are only two ways of dealing with Japanese knotweed: herbicide treatment or excavation.

Herbicide Treatment Programme (HTP)

Knotweed Herbicide Treatment Programme Often the most cost-effective Japanese knotweed treatment and control method is a Herbicide Treatment Programme (HTP). An HTP involves a glyphosate-based programme, where the correct use of chemical over a sustained period of time will exhaust the plant and prevent the spread of knotweed. This will remove the risk of damage being caused to the property during the treatment period. Our HTP effectively controls Japanese knotweed growth and satisfies most mortgage lenders.

Our HTP is designed to cause maximum damage to the plant and achieve effective control in a short period of time. Suitable herbicides applied during the growing season can damage the knotweed crown and rhizome significantly enough to eventually prevent stem re-growth.


Excavating Japanese knotweed provides an instant eradication solution backed by a guarantee. Soil containing the knotweed contamination is completely removed from the affected area. This immediately gets rid of the Japanese knotweed from the property or site enabling you to use the area without restriction.

How to get rid of knotweed

Every site and property is unique. In order to answer this question, we would need to talk to you and understand your plans for your property. We would need to understand the reason why you'd like to get rid of the knotweed, your budget and then determine what solutions are suitable.

Our recommendations for the treatment and/or removal of the knotweed on your property is bespoke. So why not get in touch and see how we can help you?

How much to get rid of Japanese knotweed?

Long-term herbicide treatment is usually the least costly control method. The cost of the treatment programme depends on the size of the knotweed infestation. Our professionally delivered herbicide treatment programme will provide successful control of Japanese knotweed within a period of 3-7 years.

Excavation of Japanese knotweed costs more than herbicide treatment due to labour, materials including root barrier, waste removal costs and reinstatement costs. However, it ensures complete Japanese knotweed removal allowing free use or development of the property. We provide cost-efficient excavation due to our extensive experience whilst minimising waste volumes.

If it is identified and dealt with promptly, the costs of getting rid of Japanese knotweed can be kept to a minimum.

How do you get rid of Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese knotweed excavation Aside from a chemical treatment programme, the only way of getting rid of Japanese knotweed permanently is via excavation. Excavating Japanese knotweed and its root system provides an instant solution with an insurance backed guarantee. We dispose of all knotweed growth and affected soil (classed as controlled waste) using appropriate landfill sites.

If you find Japanese knotweed on your property, we recommend you request a Japanese knotweed survey. We will survey the site and produce a Knotweed Management Plan that details our survey findings, proposed remedial works for getting rid of knotweed, and a works quotation.

Getting rid of Japanese knotweed

The reality is that getting rid of Japanese knotweed is very difficult, and is best left to a professional company. Japanese knotweed has no natural predators in the UK, and it will not simply go away of its own accord. Although it appears to die back during winter months, the underground rhizomes remain viable and it therefore grows back in the spring.

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We’re here to help you get rid of knotweed on your property. We offer a rapid response and nationwide service. We have the experience and expertise to ensure you're provided with the most suitable knotweed treatment programme for your situation. Our highly trained knotweed experts will help you get rid of Japanese knotweed.

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*Please note that if no knotweed is found on the property or within 7m of the property (on a neighbouring property) a charge of £165 plus VAT will apply
*If the area to be surveyed is greater than 1 acre we reserve the right to apply a charge to carry out the survey.
*If the survey is to be carried out on the Isle of Man or Isle of Wight charges may apply, price on request.

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