Japanese Knotweed Expert Witness

Japanese Knotweed Expert Witness

We are the UK's trusted Japanese knotweed experts, with services that include Identification, Survey, Treatment and Removal. As experts in the field of Japanese knotweed we can provide expert witness services for disputes / litigation claims regarding Japanese knotweed, with services that include:

Our Services

  • CSJK qualified Japanese knotweed survey
  • Property risk assessment
  • Origination and aging assessment
  • Remedial cost assessment (herbicide treatment and excavation)
  • CPR Part 35 Compliant Written Reports
  • CPR Part 35 Oral Evidence in court

CSJK Qualified Survey Survey

CSJK Qualified Survey

We are proud to have qualified staff members who have successfully passed this rigorous PCA examination.

Property Risk Assessment Property Risk

Property Risk Assessment

Our report records the location of the knotweed in relation to the property and the RICS Risk Category is accurately assessed.

Remedial Cost Assessment Digger

Remedial Cost Assessment

Our expert witness report includes full professional treatment and removal cost assessment, provided by our experienced team.

CPR Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness

CPR Part 35 Compliant

All our reports for the Court are CPR Part 35 compliant. We provide bespoke reports and advice on request.

Impartial and Independent

Our expert witness services, in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules (Part 35), are completely impartial and independent. Our duty is to the Court and our evidence is given based upon our findings.

Types of Japanese Knotweed Disputes

Encroachment Fence

Allowing the encroachment of Japanese knotweed from one parcel of land to another is an actionable private nuisance.

This can give rise to civil claims under the tort of private nuisance, or the issuing of a Community Protection Notice (CPN) and potential fines through the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Professional Negligence Fence

In buying a property a surveyor and solicitor owe you a professional duty of care in their undertaking.

Failure to identify knotweed on a property survey when it was reasonable to have expected the surveyor to do so, can give rise to claims for damages under professional negligence.

Similarly, a solicitor owes their client a duty of care when buying a property to ensure that the seller has completed a Law Society Property Information TA6 Form correctly. The solicitor should do their due diligence when processing and analysing documents pertaining to the buying/selling of a property. Based on the information imparted within the TA6 form, they should be in a position to advise their client of any additional courses of action.

Failure to give the correct counsel can give rise to a Professional Negligence claim. Although there is no landmark case concerning the question of knotweed on the TA6 form along with a solicitor’s failure to satisfy the duty they owe to their client, this situation is entirely possible.

Working Successfully with Solicitors

We have worked extensively with solicitors providing advice, surveys, remedial works quotes and of course expert evidence. We’ve worked on high-profile cases, providing the essential impartial, independent, expert witness report and oral evidence in court.


If you need to talk to a knotweed expert for legal advice, support or a CPR Part 35 compliant report, contact us today.

T: 0333 2414 413

E: legal@knotweed.co.uk

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