Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed Ltd is a leading specialist company in the removal of knotweed and other non-native invasive weeds. We provide Japanese knotweed removal services to commercial and domestic clients in any situation.

Ground contaminated with knotweed rhizome is a problem to home owners, property managers and developers alike. Knotweed waste needs to be disposed of legally and failing to control knotweed and allowing it spread to neighbouring land is an actionable nuisance. We provide knotweed removal services to resolve these issues.

Survey and Proposal

As part of the knotweed removal process we will survey sites (CSJK qualified surveyors) and devise a Knotweed Management Plan. Advice given in our survey reports is covered by our professional indemnity insurance.

Japanese knotweed removalExcavation (Eradication)

The underground rhizome system can spread for several meters surrounding the aerial growth of the plant. In residential situations this creates a loss of amenity use and on development sites large areas and volumes of soils which require remediation.

Our excavation methods fully remove the knotweed from the ground enabling either free amenity use or a change of land use, such as development of a site. We ensure these works are undertaken correctly as leaving just a finger nail size fragment of rhizome in the ground may result in recurrence of growth.

Japanese knotweed herbicide treatmentHerbicide Treatment (Control)

Where there is no planned change of land use and its acceptable to have an area of the property with restricted use (due to the presence of rhizome), herbicide treatment is the appropriate solution to remove the problem of knotweed.

Our professionally delivered herbicide programmes (typically 3 years) are cost effectively and will exhaust the plant from producing aerial growth and prevent its natural spread.

Enabling Construction

Our expert teams devise a knotweed remediation strategy to suit your proposals for the site. The knotweed will be removed (most often via excavation) with the waste either removed to landfill (as controlled waste) or disposed of on site as a burial or relocation. You can rest assured that works are completed in accordance to all current legislation and codes of practice.

Japanese knotweed removal works typically take a matter of days to complete and the site is free to develop the day we finished works.

Selling house with Japanese knotweedEnabling House Sales and Mortgages

Our 10 year Knotweed Management Plan product, involving herbicide treatment and backed by Insurance Backed Guarantee, will satisfy most UK mortgage lenders and enables house sales.

Our herbicide programmes are packaged within a 10 year Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) product which comes with an Insurance Backed Guarantee. In most cases our 10 year KMPs are accepted by mortgage lenders and allow residential house sales go through.

Our product can be delivered quickly to avoiding holding up the conveyance process, and reducing the stress of trying to sell or buy a property.

Legal Knotweed Help

Our legal team work with approved solicitors to ensure that our clients receive expert legal advice and support. If encroachment or imminent encroachment of knotweed (including its underground rhizome) from your land into neighbouring land is established, this is an actionable nuisance.

We work with solicitors to provide Part 35 Compliant reports and provide expert witness to legal claim cases. These may be raised under the laws of private nuisance, professional negligence or misrepresentation.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost

The cost to get rid of Japanese knotweed varies, depending on whether the land requires excavating, the method of excavation or if a simple herbicide treatment programme will suffice. However, herbicide treatment can vary in cost, depending on the size of the knotweed infestation.

Excavation often involves the removal of knotweed contaminated material to landfill sites and the installation of a root barrier, which will cost thousands of pounds. However, as knotweed specialists we work with you and your plans for the site to reduce your cost of removing this invasive plant.

Herbicide treatment with biological control of the knotweed plant is subject to more standardised pricing, which we based on the square metres of affected area/size of the knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed Removal in a Nutshell

You have two choices for your knotweed removal:

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