Knotweed management plan

Knotweed Management Plan (KMP)

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A Knotweed Management Plan provides the options on how we recommend your Japanese knotweed problem is solved.

We perform a knotweed survey, to establish the extent of the knotweed infestation and deliver a full report, called a Knotweed Management Plan which gives the Japanese knotweed treatment solutions available to control, monitor and eradicate the knotweed.

A Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) is a prerequisite for house buying and selling where the property in question is affected by Japanese knotweed, as most mortgage lenders will insist on proof that there is a KMP in place. The Environment Agency also states that once you find Japanese knotweed on a development site, it is essential that you set up some form of KMP.

Commercial Enquiries

If your enquiry is in relation to a COMMERCIAL site; i.e. development or construction, please see our Japanese Knotweed Remediation page.


10-Year Knotweed Management Plan

Our KMP solution gives you everything you need to satisfy most mortgage lenders. Our all-inclusive KMP solution includes:

  • Specialist Japanese knotweed survey.
  • Detailed report identifiying all areas of knotweed, site plan, and quotation
  • Herbicide Treatment visits (including treatment of high risk knotweed in neighbouring properties)
  • Cutting and removal of knotweed brown stems in winter
  • Monitoring visits (inspections for regrowth)
  • Company Guarantee
  • Insurance backed guarantee

How Much Does a Knotweed Management Plan Cost?

The cost of Japanese knotweed treatment or removal depends on the area of land affected by knotweed and the future plans for the land. In most cases, a Herbicide Treatment Programme is sufficient to prevent the knotweed from growing and this is accepted by most mortgage lenders. However, if herbicide treatment is not desirable or if the affected area is to be disturbed (e.g. turfing, paving, driveway, house extension, outbuilding), then excavation is recommended, which could involve full excavation of the affected land, disposal of the knotweed-infected waste, root barrier installation and back-fill with clean soil.

How to Order Your KMP

Please contact us on 0333 2414 413, or email us on to get your personal quotation or for further information.

Pay in Full

If you require your KMP with Guarantee Certificate to satisfy a mortgage lender, we require payment in full. Once payment has been received, we will apply for your Insurance Backed Guarantee. You will receive your confirmation directly from the insurance company, GPI.

Pay in Instalments

If documentation is not required immediately, you can pay for the programme in instalments over 4 years, for which there is no additional cost. The insurance premium (for the Insurance Backed Guarantee) will be included as part of your final instalment and the application for the insurance will be made once your final instalment has been received.

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