The Importance of Accreditations

Posted by Admin - Apr 2022

Standards across the weed control industry are tightening. We dive deep into why this is vital for businesses working with weed control chemicals and why it is now a legal obligation to hold key accreditations.

Invasive Species Week 2022

Posted by Marketing - Apr 2022

16th to 22nd May hails Invasive Species Week 2022. Invasive Species Week is an annual national event to raise awareness of the impacts of invasive non-native species.

Stuck on a building site with...

Posted by Admin - Mar 2022

Phil Hodgson joined Japanese Knotweed Ltd five years ago. He is a key team member, supervising invasive weed excavations on large commercial sites across the south of England. Find out how meeting a guy who knew a guy landed him a career with us!

Stuck in the Mud with...

Posted by Admin - Feb 2022

Darren Greatbatch, BASIS, MBPR, CSJK & IOSH has recently been promoted to Specialist Advisory Manager (Amenity & Invasive Weeds). We caught up with him to discuss life at Japanese Knotweed Ltd, his new job role and what he thinks is the Invasive Weed to look out for.

New RICS Guidance Note, 2022

Posted by Admin - Jan 2022

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) new Guidance Note “Japanese Knotweed and Residential Property” has been published on the RICS website. Implementation and use of the Guidance Note will commence from the 23rd March 2022.