Japanese Knotweed UK Case Law

Posted by Admin - Mar 2021

The number of Japanese knotweed related cases going to court is increasing, with significant financial penalties for those that cause nuisance or have been negligent with respect to Japanese knotweed. We take a closer look at the headline cases and laws relating to this.

PCA Award Winning Staff

Posted by Admin - Jan 2021

We’re extremely proud of our Area Technician, Paul Ceconi for winning the Property Care Association’s Student of Year (Japanese knotweed).

Giant Hogweed Burns: In The News

Posted by Admin - Oct 2020

Giant hogweed has made headline news this year for all the wrong reasons. Not only is it considered a non-native invasive species, but it can also cause severe skin burns and even blindness.

Amenity Standard Accreditation

Posted by Admin - Aug 2020

Japanese Knotweed Ltd is proud to be affiliated to The Amenity Standard. Launched in October 2019 The Amenity Standard is a significant UK-wide development providing reassurance to the wider public, local and national government and commercial organisations on safety and effectiveness of methods used for weed, pest and disease management.

Property Information Form (TA6) Update May 2020

TA6 Form Japanese Knotweed Update

Posted by Admin - May 2020

Amendments to the key and explanatory notes regarding Japanese knotweed were part of The Law Society’s home seller’s TA6 Property Information form 4th Edition update early in 2020.