National Trust Project in Grantham

National Trust Project in Grantham

Japanese knotweed Grantham

Japanese Knotweed Ltd are happy to be working for The National Trust to treat Giant knotweed on land in Grantham, Lincolnshire. The Giant knotweed is infesting a 1200m2 area constrained by woodland and water. The 5 year Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) will see effective control with the use of herbicide achieved within 3 years, with a further 2 years of monitoring for any re-growth.

We are however encountering a slightly unusual situation on this site with the roaming fallow deer herd having taken a fancy to knotweed. Swathes of the infestation have been grazed to near ground level. Our KMP will monitor what effect this has on the efficacy of the treatment and stock fencing (to keep the deer out) will be erected if we evaluate it to be detrimental.

The picture shows a small part of the Giant knotweed area, with the foreground grazed by deer and full height growth in the background.

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