Japanese Knotweed Excavation, Wales

Japanese Knotweed Excavation, Wales

Japanese Knotweed Ltd was recently awarded a large scale knotweed remediation contract in Bridgend, South Wales. The re-development of a Rugby Club involves the eradication of 2,500m2 of the non-native invasive species; Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica).

We worked closely with the main contractor, local authority and Environment Agency to devise a suitable on-site remediation strategy. The works commenced in February 2014 and were completed later in the year. They include the excavation, relocation and burial of circa 5,500 tonnes of knotweed contaminated soils.

When a development site possesses such large quantities of knotweed its often uneconomical to excavate and dispose at landfill. In these cases careful fore-planning is required to accommodate an onsite remediation method into the development proposal. This may for example require allocation of space for the relocation or burial of Japanese knotweed.

We pride ourselves on possessing the skills and knowledge required to design and undertake successful development site knotweed remediation methodologies. Our clients return to us time and again to receive a practical and quality assured service.

Please contact us 0333 2414 413 or email contact@knotweed.co.uk for assistance.

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