Japanese Knotweed Excavation, Manchester

Japanese Knotweed Excavation, Manchester

Japanese knotweed Manchester

Japanese Knotweed Ltd recently tendered for this knotweed removal project near Manchester. We investigated the client’s suggestion that we excavate the substantial knotweed bund and move the spoil 250 yards towards the main entrance, for double handling onto tipper trucks.

The cost of doing this was huge – so we put our thinking caps on to find the most cost effective method which would help our client keep their costs down. Our solution was to build a haul road to the knotweed bund, with a turning area, so that the diggers will be able to load the trucks directly.

Result! The cost came right down, and the risk of spreading knotweed across the site was removed.

This project requires our dig and dump programme, which provides an instant, hassle free and impressive rectification method. The Japanese knotweed is fully excavated to remove all material (all rhizomes). The excavation process is monitored by our site supervisors who not only ensure that all the knotweed is removed (via visual identification), but that only soils contaminated with knotweed are removed (i.e. we only excavate what needs to be excavated we don’t excavate a blind 7m past the knotweed growth and to a set 3m depth, where it’s not necessary). All knotweed material and knotweed contaminated arising from these works is removed from site as controlled waste. This requires removal via registered waste carriers to a landfill site fully licensed to receive and dispose of Japanese knotweed. There is a full waste tracking record on completion.

Japanese Knotweed Ltd operates nationwide, and are ready to receive your enquiries and undertake site inspections, and provide quotations on request. Call 0333 2414 413 or email contact@knotweed.co.uk for more information.

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