Japanese Knotweed Treatment, Southampton

Japanese Knotweed Treatment, Southampton

Japanese knotweed Southampton

When we were contacted by a family owned garage business in Southampton, we sent one of our fully trained and experienced surveyors to assess the problem. Knotweed from neighbouring land had actually grown into the garage.

It is well documented that Japanese knotweed can affect buildings, and our surveyor’s report and photos of this garage showed just how bad things can get. The knotweed from the neighbouring land had grown through the walls in several places into the main garage building, and its bright green foliage could be seen thriving against the white walls. This was making it difficult for them to sell the business.

Japanese Knotweed Ltd contacted the owner of the neighbouring land, and arranged to set up a five year Herbicide Treatment Programme, followed by a ten year guarantee. This has enabled the owners of the garage next door to sell their business. Another happy customer!

Japanese Knotweed Ltd operates nationwide, and are ready to receive your enquiries and undertake site inspections, and provide quotations on request. Call 0333 2414 413 or email contact@knotweed.co.uk for more information.

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