Japanese knotweed mortgage

Banks Confirm Lending Policy for Knotweed

Posted by Admin - Jul 2016

Sources at two of the UKs major mortgage lenders (Santander and Barclays) have recently advised that they do not automatically decline property where a valuer has reported the presence of knotweed.

TA6 form - disclosure of Japanese knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Disclosure

Posted by Admin - Jul 2016

Property Information Form (TA6) forms part of the contract documentation when you are selling your home. It requires the seller to disclose information about the property. The 3rd Edition of the TA6 form came into effect a few weeks ago and now includes new questions on Japanese knotweed.

TA6 mortgage application form

Property Information Form (TA6): 3rd Edition

Posted by Admin - Jun 2016

The TA6 Form (Seller’s Property Information Form) is a general questionnaire for property sellers. This form must be completed by an individual or company when selling a residential property.

Japanese Knotweed – River Diversion

Japanese Knotweed Remediation, South Yorkshire

Posted by Admin - May 2016

Japanese Knotweed Ltd were contacted by a coal authority who were seeking professional knotweed removal services. The coal authority enlisted our expertise to remove a river bank which contained Japanese knotweed. The bank needed to be removed in order to divert a stream which runs through the site of an old mine near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

RICS Japanese Knotweed Risk Categories

Japanese Knotweed Hazards

Posted by Admin - May 2016

Japanese Knotweed is a major problem if present on a property and property owners should be aware of the different levels of damage it can potentially cause. If we look at the RICS Japanese Knotweed Risk Categories there are four categories of risks. Read more to find out.