Common Ragwort - invasive weed

Other Invasive Weeds

There are a large number of non-native and also native plants which are known to be invasive. We list a few weeds that we are regularly contracted to eradicate. We hope the invasive weeds pictures along with descriptions of the plants will assist you in identification of common invasive weeds. However, if you're still struggling with your invasive weed identification, please use the form on this page to contact us and upload pictures so that we can identify it for you.

Non-native invasive plant species are listed in Schedule 9, part II of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. In the main, it lists species that are already established in the wild, but which continue to pose a conservation threat to native biodiversity and habitats, such that further releases should be regulated (under Section 14 of the Act).

There are other native invasive species such as Field Horsetail which are not listed on the Wildlife and Countryside Act. However these also pose a significant problem to home owners and developers alike. Use the image links below to find out more about various invasive weeds.

Himalayan Balsam
Giant Hogweed
Field Horsetail or Mare's Tail
Common Ragwort

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