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Do you think there is Japanese knotweed in the garden of your property or one you intend to buy?

We're Japanese knotweed experts and we deliver 9000 visits to 7000 satisfied customers, we have the experience and expertise to ensure you're provided with the most suitable knotweed treatment programme for your situation.

By using Japanese Knotweed Ltd, you will be choosing:

  • Expert FREE Japanese knotweed survey, including RICS knotweed risk category
  • Bespoke treatment programme to suit your particular situation
  • Japanese knotweed guarantee and Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)
  • Expert legal knowledge, in particular knotweed encroachment and TA6 misrepresentation
  • PCA Qualified Surveyors and Technicians
  • A dedicated Customer Care team

Japanese Knotweed Removal Options

Japanese Knotweed Ltd provides knotweed removal solutions backed by a guarantee to fit most given situations. We will organise a survey of your site/property and identify what you are looking to achieve from the treatment of the knotweed. If you are buying or selling a property or simply looking to treat knotweed in your garden our sales team will advise you on the best treatment options available. Typically we provide two methods for treatment:

Herbicide Treatment

This method provides cost efficient and effective control of Japanese knotweed. Ideal for:

  • Homeowners
  • Buyers
  • Sellers

You will receive a comprehensive Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) which includes a detailed property survey, RICS risk assessment, knotweed distribution map and photographs. Japanese knotweed treatment works include herbicide treatment schedule, record of works, post-treatment monitoring and guarantee. If you're selling your home, the KMP can be transferred to the new homeowners.

This treatment option is accepted by most UK mortgage lenders and provides you a 10 year KMP contract with Insurance Backed Guarantee.


Knotweed excavation provides instant eradication of Japanese knotweed. Ideal for:

  • Immediate complete removal of knotweed from a property.
  • Increasing sales potential for a property
  • Enabling property improvements: soft or hard landscaping, driveways, extensions.
  • Where long term herbicide treatment is not desirable.
  • Minimising negative impact knotweed can have on property value.

You will receive the same comprehensive KMP document. Treatment will involve the excavation of the knotweed and typically include bio-security controls, waste removal, root barriers, works records and re-instatement on completion with post-works monitoring and a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Guarantee insurance is also an available option, with guarantees fully transferable to new property owners.


Contact our team today for no obligation expert advice on 0333 2414 413,
or book a Japanese Knotweed Survey online.

Free Knotweed Identification Service 

If you are not sure if you have knotweed growing on your property, take advantage of our FREE and fast knotweed identification service. Email some pictures of the suspected knotweed to

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Please state that you have read and agree to our Privacy Terms and Conditions before you continue.
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